Why we no longer ship.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to Animal Rights driven USDA ruling, we can no longer sell a puppy or dog unless the purchaser sees that animal in person. Shipping an animal sight, unseen will categorize our hobby/show kennel as a full blown commercial breeding facility. This is not something that we are, nor is it something we want to become. Our puppies are raised in our home, and are always in my bedroom until they are about 3.5 weeks of age. After that, they go to the puppy/grooming room which is across the hall from my bedroom.

A USDA licensed, commercial facility must be open for inspection 24 hours a day, and prior notice or the courtesy of an appointment is not needed. If you should happen to be at a dog show, or just away from home shopping when “THEY” decide to inspect, then you will be fined a large sum of money and found to be in-compliant.

I am not comfortable with a government employee entering my home, and/or bedroom at any given time. As a breeder of quality animals, I am certainly open for visitors to come and see the puppies and spend time visiting the whippets.

I regret that this Ruling has come about and is being promoted to John Q public as something to curb, or put puppy mills out of business.

The reality of this ruling, is that it intends to put ALL BREEDERS out of business, and put breeding into the hands of commercial facilities that may be immaculate and clean, but as a rule, they do not have the knowledge, nor do they care to acquire the necessary knowledge to breed sound, typey, and healthy animals.

This reminds me of the gas wars that happened in the early 70s. The intent was to destroy the “little guys”, and therefore the sale of gasoline would be controlled solely by large entities, thereby destroying the benefit of good ole American competition, and the price of gasoline is surely a reflection of just that.

*****WE are often able to meet a purchaser with a puppy as we do attend dog shows in various locals. Additionally, we will meet a buyer at the airport with a puppy, or dog to facilitate the needs of the buyer.