Whisperun – Texas Breeder of Quality Whippets for Show and Companionship

Whisperun Augie...herding whippet, courtesy of Alison Lawrence Spurlin, Owner

We are located in the East Texas Pineywoods, and are very convenient to Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport.

I have owned, shown, bred, and enjoyed living with Whippets since 1970. My first whippet named Susy, literally attended some of my classes at the University of Arizona. It's not that hard to hide a whippet when you are in a chemistry class of over 1000, and you sit close to the back of the auditorium. I believe whippets to be one of the "Best Kept Secrets" of dog breeds.

Asthetically they are unique, sleek, elegant, and built for speed. They blend into most family situations well, as they are always keen to join in on any activity, and equally excited about taking a nap with you. They tend to be laid back, and easy to live with, yet quite alert, and some are even pretty top notch watch dogs. The most endearing trait of a whippet is their desire to bond and become your closest friend, and soul partner.

Shadow and Jolene
Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Glow JC SC

As a breeder I place temperament and liveability above all else when I breed a litter of pups. After that comes health and then beauty and soundness. I am always looking for the next lovely one to take to the show ring, but of course, in a typical litter, there will some pups that do not have the desire, or exactly what they may be looking for in the show ring, so those whippets can make wonderful companions and sometimes performance dogs or therapy dogs. Feel free to browse the site to see more about our foundation, current whippet residents and our available whippets. We welcome visitors and are always happy to assist with any whippet or dog related questions. Thanks for visiting Whisperun.
Whisperun is also the home of homebred Champion Italian Greyhounds and also Standard Poodles. These breeds both blend in well to a household of whippets. Just like one's own children, each one is special in their own ways. Please visit whisperunitaliangreyhounds.com or whisperunpoodles.com to learn more about our involvement in those breeds.

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Whisperun Whippets
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 36 reviews
 by Carolyn Carragher
Amazing Whisperun Dashiell

Five years ago this month I contacted Jolene because I had just lost my beloved IG. My grandmother always told me how fabulous Whippets were, so I decided to finally get one. My fabulous boy has been the most loyal, loving companion one could ever want. We go out at 5 AM for a run on the golf course every day, never missing a day. My vet tells me he has the healthiest heart she has ever heard. I am constantly being stopped on walks or in Home Depot because people want to admire his gorgeous coloration or rave about his amazing demeanor. My entire family adore him and know that Grandma is protected on early walks, whether in the city or on the ranch. He has been incredibly easy to train and understands many commands, far more than I would expect him to. Obviously, Jolene’s Whippets have exceptional qualities because people who know about them have indicated that I am very fortunate to have him. I agree.

 by Andrew Engel
Best. Pup. Ever.

My family fell in love with "Scout" the first time we saw her puppy pics on the website. Our Blue-Brindle Irish female is now nearly 13 weeks old and has exploded in growth from when we picked her up at 8 weeks (right at 13lbs at the moment). Sooo pretty .. and she's got those eyes ... absolutely gorgeous. She has been the easiest pup too ... took to potty training within a day; just an all-around really intelligent little girl. Her personality is off the charts!! We simply could not be more pleased with her!! From our first inquiry to Take-Home day, Jolene was amazing to work with. She's very knowledgeable and always politely answered all of our questions. If you're considering a whippet, Whisperun is the place to be looking!

 by Douglas
Our new baby Jolene

After our beautiful dog Echo(an Italian Greyhound)passed away it took me nearly three years to be ready for a new baby. Putting much research into breeds, I knew I wanted a Whippet. My partner and I have always had Italian Greyhounds and Labradors. I reached out to several breeders in California(where I reside)to no avail. Adding “best Whippet breeders” to my online search, Whisperun Whippets popped up. Seeing the kennel was in Texas I almost immediately dismissed it until reading reviews and exploring the website. I called Jolene, we spoke for an hour and hit it off instantly. Her knowledge and caring of the breed and her dogs is astounding. I believe Jolene really chose the puppy from the litter that best suited my household. Totally amazing! We have an Italian Greyhound named Zoey so sweet but so spoiled rotten. I knew there might be an issue. We waited for the puppy Whippet. The Coronavirus struck and the logistics of getting the puppy to California became a very big issue. Jolene handled everything. The puppy flew from Dallas to John Wayne International in Costa Mesa, she had company on the plane though exotic Coy fish. I drove from my home in Rancho Mirage, California and picked her up. The puppy was a touch frazzled but so calm, so sweet, and so beautiful. When I got home, our dog Zoey went on a hunger strike for three days. The new puppy was not a hit. Today, they LOVE each other. Our IG, Zoey and our new baby Whippet Jolene, are the best of friends. Yes we named her Jolene, a nod to the breeder, and a nod to Dolly Parton. My only regret through all this is, I didn’t get two Whippets from Jolene. She is the greatest. Thank you Jolene, Douglas Light

 by Carrie
So thankful!

We just acquired our new puppy from Whisperun Whippets and this is our second whippet! We've had her for two weeks and are loving her more each day. Jolene was easy to work with and wonderfully communicative. "Sunny" has a sweet temperament and we can tell she is very, very smart. She's already brought us so much joy!

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