Our Foundation

Our foundation was made up of three whippet girls that made their way to live at Whisperun Whippets located in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Read more about, and view photos of Electra, Merry, and Shadow below. Without them, there would be no Whisperun Whippets today.

Electra in Kansas

Ch. Rafina Whisperun Electra JC SC
Sire: Saxon Shore Rafina Rolex
Dam: Ch. Rafina Vanilla Ice

Electra was one of our three foundation whippet bitches.  She had a fabulous happy go lucky temperament, and conformation and movement to go along with that.  Her breeder was Barbara Pendergrass of Rafina.  We appreciate the fact that Barbara was willing to share Electra with us.  Electra was linebred on Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves ROMX.

Am. Can. Ch. BoBett Lemon Meringue CD JC SC
Sire: BIS Ch. BoBett's Wild Waylon ROM
Dam: Ch. BoBett's Divine Dessert ROM

Merry was one of our three wonderful foundation bitches. Merry, like Electra had a very bubbly, and fun personality. Merry contributed a certain smoothness in body, gave us that very very clean coming and going, and lovely whippet type and expression. I even tried my hand at obedience with Merry as she had so much attitude. I believed we could actually place with some high scores in the classes. At home she finished the recall with a flip, but at the shows……well, she was a whippet and she slooooooooowly walked around and sat into position as if to say she had been beaten at home. A couple times I entered her in obedience at a show that was held at a covered arena. This was in the winter, and of course I should have known that a “Queen” such as Merry would NEVER EVER be able to sit down on cold dirt. Ah, but alas, it took a very long time, but eventually, she did sit. She taught me a lot about training a whippet. Thanks to Carol Harris of Bo-Bett for breeding such a wonderful and giving girl.

Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Glow JC SC
Sire: Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves ROMX
Dam: BISS Ch. Saxon Shore Golden Nugget

Shadow was a wonderful girl who talked a lot. We are proud to say she was an important foundation member at Whisperun. I appreciate Daniel Lockhart of Saxon Shore being willing to share Shadow with us. Shadow’s pedigree was immensely strong for huge, wide-open side gait. Shadow had a HUGE side gait. She had a particularly strong and driving rear. Her front assembly was fabulous with a lot of depth of brisket.

Shadow obtained an AKC Junior Courser and also an AKC Senior Courser title. She loved to run the lure and was really good at it. She never interfered with other dogs, nor did she cut corners on the course. She was just honest.

I remember the day I picked Shadow up at the airport. I was so mesmorized that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had huge and beautiful whippet eyes, and the black sabling really set her off. Yes, I was proud to own her.

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