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***Regarding house training: Your puppy will be trained to use a litterbox with pine pellets to eliminate in. Good to know in the event of bad weather and too wet or cold for puppy to go out into. Also, PLEASE, no wire crates. Get a plastic airline type crate to use for your puppy. A plastic crate is more cozy, and seems to work much better for adjusting a puppy to accept the crate as a good hideout and resting place.

***Your puppy will have received two sets of permanent immunizations upon leaving here. First set at 5 weeks of age, and 2nd set at 7.5 to 8 weeks of age. These shots are the absolute best on the market, manufactured and developed by Dr. Bob Page, in Dresden, TN. They DO OVERRIDE the maternal antibodies, giving the puppy a more immediate immunity to parvo and distemper in particular.
***Your puppy will have been wormed several times. The last worming will have been a regime of Panacur (fenbental), for 3 to 5 successive days.
***Your puppy will be microchipped, and the microchip will be registered with AKC REUNITE prior to leaving here. You will want to go into the website using the key numbers sent to you via email, and add any photos of your puppy, along with other pertinent information, such as secondary contact information, phone numbers and so forth.
***You will want to view the video regarding the NUVET supplement that is on the main page of the website, and research the product. I strongly encourage new owners to order and have this on hand upon arrival of the new puppy.
***Upon arrival of a new litter, I usually take baby photos at 2 to 4 days of age and put up onto the litter page as a link for you to view. As time passes, I try and do a set of individual photos at around 4 weeks of age when they are able to stand well, and then another at around 5.5 weeks and a last set 7.5 weeks or as close to 8 weeks as possible.
***Choices on puppies go by order of deposit. I keep all documentation on deposits, date of submission and so forth and future owners are given the opportunity to choose their puppy in the order of receipt of a deposit.
***Normally, puppies can go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age, so consult with us regarding a day and time to come for your new puppy.
***Sometimes there is a litter theme and the puppies AKC registered name will already have been decided. That is not to say that you can name the puppy anything that suits you for call name. If there is no litter theme, please be thinking of a registered name for your puppy so that he or she can be registered when you come to pick he or she up.
***We are here to help you. If you have any questions, or have a behavioral issue that arises, please call, email, or text and we will do our best to help with it. Do not let something go to the point that it becomes overwhelming or impossible to overcome.