China X Feature Whippet Puppies at 2 Weeks of Age

China X Feature Whippet Puppies at 2 Weeks of Age.

Since we never had the right time to take whippet puppy photos in the nest with this litter, I decided to take some photos today, October 27, 2015, at 2 weeks of age. A couple pups don’t quite have their eyes open so keep in mind that this is the time that is in the process. Most of the boys are a shade of red or red fawn, hard to tell exact coloring at this time. These puppies have a lot of size and are quite hearty and robust. Please see individual puppies below. If you have a deposit on a puppy, I will inform you as soon as possible when it comes to your choice, and let you know which ones have not been chosen. As you can see, all the puppies are quite attractive. As usual, you may click on a photo to enlarge it and then utilize the arrows to scroll forward or backward.

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