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Questions regarding purchase of a whippet should be directed to R. Jolene Davis @ whisperun@aol.com

Some things that are important…….

PLEASE NO WIRE CRATES for whippet puppies. Get a plastic crate. Also, very very important…..crate train your puppy when you are home.

Your puppy has received the finest, and most effective immunizations available today. The vaccinations are as follows:
DA2………………..Neovac for Distemper and Adenovirus type 2

Please take time to visit the Website and learn about the immunizations.


Also, I Highly recommend that you watch the brief videos on my website about NuVet Plus supplement that is very effective at building a strong immune system in young dogs. There is a video at the bottom of the homepage found here: Order this right away as you don’t want your puppy to go without this product, particularly since it is in the developmental time of his or her life.

Your puppy has been wormed several times with pyrantel pamoate. Last worming was Panacur three days in a row. The last worming showed no worms present. I suggest however that you have a stool check done when you take your puppy back for a 3rd set of vaccinations. Sometimes a puppy can be harbouring a parasite that is in a juvenile state and those stages are not particularly responsive to the wormers. This is why you may find the puppy to be carrying some at a later time.

You WILL want to put your puppy on a heartworm preventative and also a flea/tick prevention program, when it is age appropriate. Here is a website whereby those products can be obtained at a very very low cost: Comfortis is a good one, and Frontline Plus is what I use for Flea control. Your vet can advise.

We HIGHLY recommend NuVet for the health and longevity of your dog. Not available in Stores…Voted the NUMBER ONE Supplement by Dog Fancy. Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 800-474-7044 You must use the following code: #57984 in order to get a discount.