Lassie X Reagan Whippet Puppies Taken at 4 Weeks Of Age.

We took photos of the Lassie X Reagan Whippet puppies June 19, 2017 when they were 4 weeks of age. Keep in mind that this typically is not be best age to take standing photos of puppies as they have yet to have spent enough time on their feet and gaining agility to be confident and pose as we would love for them to do. Please understand……they will look much much better at 5 to 5.5 weeks and beyond. At any rate, there are some choices that need to be made, so these photos will provide some visual input in which to use on choosing a puppy, the lemon fawn boys in particular. As usual, please click on a photo to enlarge and then utilize the arrows midway up the photo to move forward or backward through the pictures. If you are getting one of this litter, it is a good time to order your NUVET supplement for healthy immune system and to have on hand to give your pup a boost at a time where they will be stressed with growth and going to a new home and leaving their littermate buddies. Enjoy the photos!