Jenny X Spanky Whippet Puppies taken at 9 days of age.

We FINALLY Took baby pictures of the Jenny X Spanky Whippet puppies today, January 25, 2021 at 9 days of age. I grouped all the girls together and then the two red sabled boys and then the black boy and the brindle boy together. These puppies are very solid and healthy. We are so blessed to have a litter with this kind of animation and health. Naturally, they were very squirmy and difficult to get pics that were clear because of their quick movements, hunting and hunting for something to eat. At any rate, enjoy the photos. As usual, click on any photo to enlarge it and then utilize the side arrows to go forward or backward to next picture.

The Black Boy ….The Brindle Boy

The Red Sabled Boys

The Girls