Jenny X Spanky Whippet Puppies At 7.5 Weeks of Age.

I wanted to get some current photos of the puppies to show you all, and also to use on their contract/bill of sales. They were all pretty well behaved except the black Irish girl, who was a bit wild….ha ha. As always, click on any photo to enlarge and then use the arrows to scroll forward or backward through the photos. Now is a great time to order the NUVET supplement and have onhand for when your puppy arrives. Also, you will need a plastic airline type kennel to crate train your puppy. NO WIRE CRATES!!!!!! PLEASE, do not use a wire crate on a whippet puppy. This provides the perfect environment for that puppy to develop separation anxiety due to being able to place their teeth through the bars of the crate. At a later time, when the puppy is crate trained, a wire kennel may be used. Also, PLEASE crate train your puppy while you are at home. If you have questions regarding training, please ask.
Enjoy the photos!

The Girls