Gemma X Terrific Whippet Puppies at 4 Weeks of Age.

Photos of the Gemma X Terrific Whippet Puppies taken at 4 weeks of Age. We took these photos 03-22-2017. The puppies are a bit young to stack but overall I believe they stood up pretty well.
All of these puppies are spoken for except one boy at this time. I do however expect another litter in about 7 weeks, so feel free to email or call with questions. Enjoy the photos! As usual, use the arrows to scroll forward or backward when you enlarge one photo. As a reminder, if you are getting a puppy from this litter, please visit the NuVet website as found on the links page and place your order for the NUVET vitamins prior to picking your puppy up. They are great for immature immune systems, particularly since they will be stressed leaving their littermates and going to their new homes, and be growing for a long period of time.