Bandera X Spanky Whippet Puppies At 4.5 Weeks of Age.

Bandera X Spanky Whippet Puppies taken at 4.5 weeks of age. 2nd time to use the Remote shutter release so pardon the fact these photos are not perfect….heads at very top of field of view, but I wanted to get them up on the website so you could all see how your puppies are looking. This litter is very robust and healthy looking. Bandera is a wonderful mother. As always, click on any photo to enlarge, and then use the arrows to go forward or backwards through the photos. This week, they will get their first set of immunizations and be microchipped. If you are the future owners of one of these puppies, it would be a great idea to go ahead and order the NUVET supplements now, and have them on hand for when you bring your puppy home. The stress of moving to a new home, combined with a lot of growing and learning, makes for a good reason to supplement. Check out the NUVET video on this website. Enjoy the photos.

The Boys

The Girls