Eden X Foster pups at 6 weeks of age taken on 08142013

Eden x Foster Puppies at 6 Weeks of Age taken 08142013

Below are photos of the Eden x Foster puppies at 6 weeks of age. We took the photos shortly after feeding them, so please pardon the stomach on some. After getting the photos ready to put onto the website, it dawned on me that there were only photos of six pups….hummmmmm…..SO I realized we had forgotten to take some of Pocahontas. We took hers this morning, on 08152013. This group had their first Parvo (NEOPAR) immunization last week at 5 weeks of age, and they were given their first Distemper Adenovirus 2 (NEOVAC) immunization today.

As usual, click on any photo to enlarge and then navigate through the pics using the arrows on the photo itself.

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