Flambe Puppies taken at 4 Weeks of age

Flambe Puppies taken at 4 weeks of age on September 25, 2014

The puppies are still a bit too young to really stack or try to take side view photos, but since I am getting a lot of requests for more photos, I took these for all the future moms and dads to see. Also, be aware that they have only viewed the inside of my bedroom and this is the absolute first time they have seen the outside, so they are not really acting like the real them…..as they didn’t know what to think about it. Taken in the evening on 09-25-2014. Flambe began whelping them at 10:00pm on a friday night, so really they will not be officially 4 weeks until late tomorrow…but we are calling it 4 weeks….close enough. They are named for men’s colognes. The girls are also named for colognes.


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