Gemma X Reagan Whippet Puppies at 2.5 Weeks of Age

We have four lovely girls out of Gemma and Reagan. These photos were taken 04292016 when they were 2.5 weeks of age. Just had their eyes open a few days, but already playing and wanting to interact with each other and people too. The two lemon Fawn & White girls will get much darker (the fawn) as they get older. It’s a unique color in that it darkens as time passes. Both will have dark, black pigmentation around eyes, nose and so forth which sets them off. The Red Brindle girl was the first born, and to all our distress she presented breech and in an effort to ensue her birth, Gemma grabbed her one hind foot and took a good portion of that foot, along with a toe from the other hind foot, pulling the puppy out. I am certain it was entirely an accident on Gemma’s part. We will see as time approaches and they are up and about playing etc, but I don’t feel this will inhibit her from carrying out a normal life as a whippet. There are two photos that depict what I am telling you. The Sabled Red & White girl is colorful and pretty, very healthy and active. See the photos below: