Flambe X Sam Whippet Puppies at 6 Weeks of Age

Below are photos taken June 7, 2019 of the Whippet Pupppies Sired by Sam, Whisperun North To Alaska, and out of Flambe, Whisperun Peach Flambe, at 6 weeks of age. These are the official 6 week photos! YEAAAAAAAAH! My daughter was nice enough to come on the 7th, and take photos of both litters back to back….that is a lot of picture taking. For the most part they were good, but overall, they were just so excited and happy to be held and get individual attention, that their stacking was a bit of a chore, since they were not wanting to be still. Please forgive that. I think you can get a good idea of what each puppy looks like from the photos. If you are particularly interested in a certain puppy, please contact Jolene @ whisperun@aol.com or via telephone. These puppies have had their first set of permanent immunizations and will get a 2nd set prior to leaving home. They will be ready to leave here at 8 weeks of age. I plan to microchip them this week. As always, click on any photo to enlarge and then use the arrows in the middle edge to scroll forward or backward through the pictures.