Angel X Spanky Whippet Puppies at 5 Weeks Plus 5 days of age.

Angel X Spanky Whippet Puppies at 5 weeks plus 5 days of age. They stood pretty well for the photos, but looked a bit like they had really over ate…sorry, it had been 4.5 hours since they had been fed, but it seemed to linger. The theme of this litter is Gambling…….hence the names. The puppies had their first set of immunizations last week at 5 weeks of age. They are on schedule to receive the 2nd set of permanent immunizations at 8 weeks of age. They were all microchipped on Sunday, so those microchip numbers will be lifetime registered with AKC REUNITE, prior to leaving our home. These puppies are very sweet, and have outgoing and fun loving temperaments. If you are getting a puppy from this litter, please order your NUVET vitamins now as that will give them time to arrive and be there to give the puppy. These are wonderful for keeping the immune system in tip top shape, particularly in a stressful time such as when they are leaving their littermates and going to a new home situation. Feel free to email or call Jolene with questions. We are expecting a litter August 31st if you are interested in a whippet puppy. this litter has been sold.